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Basics:Values, functions, classes, methods, inheritance, try-catch-finally. Expression-oriented programming
Basics continued:Case classes, objects, packages, apply, update, Functions are Objects (uniform access principle), pattern matching.
Collections:Lists, Maps, functional combinators (map, foreach, filter, zip, folds)
Pattern matching & functional composition:More functions! PartialFunctions, more Pattern Matching
Type & polymorphism basics:Basic Types and type polymorphism, type inference, variance, bounds, quantification
Advanced types: Advanced Types, view bounds, higher-kinded types, recursive types, structural types
Simple Build Tool: All about SBT, the standard Scala build tool
More collections: Tour of the Scala Collections library
Testing with specs:
Concurrency in Scala: Runnable, Callable, threads, Futures
Java + Scala: Java interop: Using Scala from Java
An introduction to Finagle: Finagle primitives: Future, Service, Filter, Builder
Searchbird: Building a distributed search engine using Finagle

Scala School!
Scala 教程|菜鸟教程